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Reviews were promising, but at the end they did not really meet the expectations.
Team really needs to step up to the plate. Nice concept, but still an execution that needs to be worked on.
Kitchen is too slow and does not seem to communicate well with the waiters and manager. Waiting for 1,5 hours for a tomahawk is simply taking too much of my patience..., sorry. Taste was ok, though not excellent. Dry aged meat can be more tasteful.
Wrong burger was delivered after 1,5 hours of waiting and getting the correct burger would take at least another 30 minutes more, not acceptable unfortunately.
Manager tried to compensate, took the bad burger of the bill, that was served with not-fresh tasting pesto sauce and chicken meat was and looked a bit dry. Not a great experience. Beef bbq burger was very good though and met our expectations. Fries portions were very small as well as mayonaise.
Not everything was bad, but some work needs to done here. And if you pay such high prices, the cheap things like fries and mayonaise should be served in abundance and everything should be daily fresh.